Cash Flow March 26th, 2020

Tracking Financial Losses for Freelancers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many freelancers will lose projects and clients. It is important to track these losses and maintain a record of them for both taxes and any project funding that may be associated. 

These losses can include a wide variety of aspects of your work but some to consider include:

  • Income or hours worked over the past six months, recorded on a weekly basis
  • All emails or other communication notifying you of cancellation of a project or closure
  • All regular operating expenses that you continued to pay after the cancellation of projects (ie. health benefits, insurance, software subscriptions, services) 
  • Expenses incurred as part of the projects (ie. font purchases, material purchases, insurance riders, non-refundable deposits) 

For more information: 

For further information, visit Generetor’s post on tracking financial losses for artists and download ArtsLinkNB’s Excel template. Both are applicable to a wide variety of freelancers. 


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