About the Author: Vartika Satija

Vartika Satija, CPA, CA is an independent designated chartered professional accountant, striving to work with businesses to educate and provide a financial check-up of their business. Her passion is to partner up with sole proprietors, small businesses and not-for-profits to provide ongoing guidance towards their unique accounting and tax requirements. Her mission is to ensure that small businesses are well educated and informed about the best tax and accounting practices to be able to manage their cash flows and utilize finances in the best possible ways to grow their business, achieve their financial goals, and make a difference in the community. Her intensive experience includes personal and corporate tax compliance, tax planning, and other business advisory roles. She’s been involved with all sorts of businesses including manufacturing, consulting, professional services, constructions, retail, restaurants, real estate, and many more. Connect with Vartika by visiting her website or on LinkedIn.