Partner with Us

TL;DR: We’re looking for partners in the development of the COVID Continuity Network, and we’re calling on chambers of commerce, business improvement areas, industry associations, and economic developers to help us fulfill this vision.

If this doesn’t apply to you, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to talk. There are a lot of people and organizations that we don’t know yet, and we’d love it if you introduced us to them through social media, through e-mail, or through a phone call. We just could use the help.

Update April 17, 2020: If you’re interested, we’ve created some social assets that you can share with your networks.

As the COVID Continuity network has continued to expand, we’ve realized that we have a responsibility to partner with organizations looking to support leaders in business. We’re fortunate that our community is made up of a strong group of leaders who believe that we’re stronger, together.

While CC started as a platform to provide leaders in business with urgent and important resources during the initial stages of the pandemic and the related economic crisis. COVID Continuity has evolved into a network connecting leaders in collaboration, to support the recovery of our local and global economies.

The growth of our platform has been based on four core values:

  • We focus on mutual aid.
  • We promote recovery through continuity.
  • We provide insight over advice.
  • We deliver tools that promote action.

The problem statement

We believe that leaders in business are experiencing confusion and anxiety when trying to map out the right steps to work through the current crisis.

There’s just too much noise.

What types of communities are we looking to support?

Currently, our platform is largely driven by topic-based content, but we’re beginning to add additional structure around three types of communities:

  • Regional communities, such as cities, provinces, countries, and economic districts (e.g. Alberta).
  • Sectoral communities, such as small businesses, non-profits, or minority business groups (e.g. Indigenous business).
  • Industry or practice-based communities, which include verticals, areas of expertise, or communities of practice (e.g. Tourism).

A Platform for Empowerment Agencies

We’re looking for partners the development of this network, and we’re calling on chambers of commerce, business improvement areas, industry associations, and economic developers to help us fulfill this vision.

We recognize that you need to support your constituents with quality resources, content, and tools throughout the pandemic; this is your responsibility, too.

What’s our offer?

Let’s partner up. Together, let’s turn this into a movement.

Replace the COVID-19 Resource Page on your website, and bring your resources here to live with COVID Continuity.

We have a platform that we can share with your organization, and we have capabilities to build more features that can enable you to publish more content. Let’s work together to build hubs that will work with the people that you’re serving. Let’s collaborate to publish better content that serves everyone.

Why does this make sense?

The landscape is changing – and changing rapidly. Your organization doesn’t necessarily have the resources to be able to do this effectively. And alone, neither do we, but together, we can be successful.

Ultimately, we happen to think that what’s good for Edmonton is probably going to be good for Ottawa (and everywhere in between), and if we can collaborate more, we can do better, faster.

What if there’s content overlap?

This is going to happen, and we’re going to have to build some tools that can support that. If Wikipedia can handle it, we’re certain that we can come up with a framework to work with this.

Is this sponsorship?

No, we don’t think so, but we would like to figure out how to create a sustainable model for this social enterprise.

Where do we start?

Let’s start with a conversation. We’re looking to partner, and we’re looking to build relationships.