Forced Ingenuity: An Emerging Response to COVID-19

In this essay, Jared Smith, a business advisor and public speaker, shares his moving experience participating in an indigenous sweat ceremony with a group of other entrepreneurs. The ceremony was part of a leadership strengthening program called Thunderbirds. It was through this intense experience that Smith and his companions were able to discover the source of their ingenuity.

“In this current time of scarcity and disruption — a time when our financial future is unknown and we’re facing a global health crisis — I’m noticing more and more a kind of forced ingenuity starting to emerge. Some people are being forced into a broader and more creative perspective by these outside circumstances. People are shifting their attention away from the heat and toward a place of unbelievable creativity. Leaders are pivoting from traditional methods of conducting their business, inventing new ideas, creating new possibilities.”

To read the entire essay, download it here.

Jared Smith is an entrepreneur, investor, trusted advisor, professional speaker, connector, writer, martial artist, and community ambassador.  

Jared is currently acting as an advisor and growth agent for eight purpose-driven organizations and social impact projects that elevate Canada’s reputation as a hub of innovation, collaboration, and big-thinking. 

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