Helping Your Departing Employees

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the economy creating record levels of unemployment and an increasingly competitive labour market. Statistics Canada reported that “Since the beginning of the COVID-19 economic shutdown in March, the number of job searchers has risen by 689,000 (+66.6%), including increases of 331,000 (+58.8%) among core-aged people aged 25 to 54 and 297,000 (+108.5%) among youth aged 15 to 24.”[i]

This means that over 1.7 million Canadian job seekers are facing an unprecedented landscape with a surplus of candidates, a shortage of jobs, and an unknown timeframe for when the economy will begin to recover. Now more than ever, candidates need to stand out from the crowd; yet having a strong resume, job search skills, and networking are not enough. Individuals require the right skillset that often involves upskilling within their existing profession or reskilling for a role they were previously unqualified for.

For organizations facing tough decisions around downsizing, there are many choices for career transition services. However, the only one that emphasizes upskilling and reskilling is the Thrive Career Wellness Platform. Thrive recognizes the critical importance of retraining and offers courses through several modern learning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning, SuccessFinder, Pluralsight, Codecademy, edX, and more. Not only that, Thrive gives the job seeker the flexibility to choose their services, with the help of a career consultant, and deposit additional dollars on top of the investment made by their employer. All this combines to allow job seekers to take control of their career path and focus on building the skills they need for success. Organizations can do right by their teams by offering departing employees an affordable, forward-thinking career transition solution that enables a competitive advantage, protects the organization’s brand, and positively impacts ROI.

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