Employer Best Practices for Employee Termination

Regardless of the reason, dismissing an employee is a delicate and challenging task for managers and business leaders. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, employers face having to layoff workers either temporarily or permanently. Compassion must be met with professionalism, always. And good preparation can help reduce anxiety in a disheartening time for all parties involved.

Mike Bacchus, CEO of Optimum Talent, has provided some HR guidelines that can help you prepare for and carry out employee layoffs. While some advice will need adjustment to be sensitive to the current crisis, and to meet social distancing and self-isolation requirements, these resources can help you prepare for and execute employee dismissals.

Manager’s Guide: Termination of Employment

Within the Manager’s Guide, you’ll find guidelines for:

  • Preparing for the dismissal
  • Conducting the dismissal meeting
  • Responding to reactions and questions from dismissed employees
  • Allowing for a dignified exit
  • Building a dignified working notice
  • Responding to reactions and questions from remaining employees
  • Coping strategies for management

Download the Manager’s Guide: Termination of Employment.

Departure Day Guidelines

The Departure Day Guidelines include:

  • Do’s and don’ts for planning and executing the dismissal notification meeting.
  • Ideas on what to say to help the dismissed feel considered and dignified
  • Tips for handling emotional reactions
  • A checklist of who needs to be notified within the organization of the dismissal(s)
  • A checklist of items that need to be returned and tasks that need to be completed by the dismissed employee
  • Tips for proper handling an immediate departure
  • Review of privacy legislation

Download a copy of the Departure Day Guidelines.

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