Changes to the Alberta Employment Standards during COVID-19

The Government of Alberta made temporary changes to the provincial Employment Standards, to allow more flexibility for both employees and employers.

Changes for employees

All employees have access to unpaid job-protected leave, and the 90-day employment requirement has been waived for employees caring for children affected by school/daycare closures, or for caring for ill/self-isolated family members due to COVID-19.

Changes for employees and employers

Temporary layoffs have been extended from 60 days to 120 days, retroactive to layoffs occurring on or after March 17.

Changes for employers

The 24-hour written notice requirement for shift changes, and the 2-weeks notice for changes to work schedules has been removed.

The requirement to provide the group termination notice to employees and unions when 50 or more employees are being terminated.

The provincial government will be streamlining the process for approvals related to modifying employment standards, in order to react quicker to changing conditions.

For your reference

Update 24: COVID-19 pandemic in Alberta (April 6, 2020)

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