Updates to Permits and Events in Canadian Cities during COVID-19

As Canadian cities change their regulations for events, we will be updating this page.

Province of Alberta

On April 23, 2020 the Chief Medical Office of Health for the Province Alberta announced that mass gathering restrictions apply to all summer events and festivals.

No gatherings are permitted with more than 15 people until the end of August 2020. Any gatherings with 15 people or less must have distancing measures in place. Alberta residents are prohibited from attending events that do not follow these instructions.

See Dr. Hinshaw’s full press conference here.

City of Calgary

UPDATE: The City of Calgary announced on April 24, 2020 that they will be canceling all City of Calgary events for events as well as any permits issued by the City of Calgary up until August 31, 2020 as part of their response to COVID-19 and the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s provincial health order.

See the City of Calgary’s official announcement here.

City of Toronto

The City of Toronto announced on March 31, 2020 that they will be cancelling all City of Toronto events as well as any permits issued by the City of Toronto for events up until June 30, 2020 as part of their response to COVID-19.

Mention of cancellation of events begins at 0:03:30

Civic Staff and Event Professionals

Please provide updates from your communities as regulations for events change through our resource submission page.

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