Relief for Alberta forest companies affected by COVID-19

“Alberta’s forest sector is our third largest resource industry, behind energy and agriculture. Ensuring the economic viability for our responsible forest companies will help Alberta families and contribute to our economic recovery.”

Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

In response to the outbreak, the Alberta government will be deferring timber dues for the next six months.

From the memo to all Alberta timber disposition holders:

“Businesses that are unable to file their production or submit timber dues payments by the due date outlined in Section 96(1) and (2) may submit a request for relief of from penalty and interest charges for a period of no longer than (6) months.”

“Holding and Protection payments are still required for Quotas, Commercial Timber Permits and Community Commercial Timber permits, but companies may also defer payments for up to six months before interest charges are incurred.”

Please submit your requests to Ennia Kabyn or the Revenue Analyst responsible for coordination of your accounts.

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