Business Continuity Plan Template for First Nations

Courtesy of the Peerless Trout First Nation, this is a business continuity plan template for First Nations and Indigenous governance organizations.

The dimensions included in the business continuity plan encompass responses to risks that impact a First Nations’ band’s ability to recover from an adverse event and return to normal operations.

The focus of this plan includes:

  • Loss of key people or skills (e.g. above normal levels of absenteeism due to illness/injury or other scenarios such as severe weather, changes in service structures, major transport disruption, emergency response duties, or people leaving the organization)
  • Loss of critical systems (e.g. ICT network disruption, telephony outage, power outage, utilities disruption or third-party supplier disruption)
  • Denial of access, or damage to, facilities (e.g. loss of a building through fire or flood, an external emergency where emergency service cordon would prevent access for a period of time, utilities failure. You may also require the activation of continuity arrangements in the event of an office move)

You can download the template in Microsoft Word format here.

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