Signage for your Retail Business

As the economy comes back to life, business owners know that making customers feel safe is becoming a top priority.  Signage can be expensive and finding ways to limit the costs of keeping people informed is important.  Recognizing this need, the Government of New Zealand released a library of signage for business owners to use as they re-open.  This includes posters, signs, and contact tracing templates. 

What other things could you consider? Here’s a checklist:

  • What do you have to mount signs, graphics or decals on? Windows, Countertops? Existing signs? Floors?
  • Use larger than normal text so it’s easy to read quickly
  • Use Repetition – in the message, in brand, in the physical location
  • Tell them what to do so your customers do not have to guess.
  • Do you have a Safe Business Declaration? (Eg. – physical distancing, hygiene, masks)? Post this at your entrance and at the point of sale.
  • To avoid customers getting fatigued or frustrated, use symbols and the least amount of words possible. 
  • Use color – the same one to identify your safety signage.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel (review sites that have signage for business owners to use for free)

Thanks to Jennifer Metituk, Owner/CEO, Speedpro Signs Grande Prairie, Alberta for this valuable insight.

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