Process and stages for restarting the economy: Saskatchewan

On May 1, 2020, the Province of Saskatchewan released a statement outlining the province’s expectations for the required criteria and measures that would need to be in place to restart the economy.

Conditions for re-launch

As restrictions are gradually lifted, the Government of Saskatchewan will carefully monitor the daily number of reported cases and other important indicators. They will also monitor to ensure that:

  • Transmission of the virus is controlled;
  • The provincial health system has enough capacity to test, isolate and treat every case, as well as trace every contact; 
  • Outbreak risks are minimized in special settings, such as health care facilities; 
  • Preventive measures are established in place in workplaces, schools and other essential gathering places; 
  • The risks of importing the virus from outside the province can be managed; and
  • Communities and businesses are educated, engaged and empowered to adjust to the new realities brought about by COVID-19.

Stages for re-launch

Restrictions will be lifted in stages, with consideration given to socioeconomic factors and the risk of transmission. They will be implemented via public health orders and the timing will be dictated by evidence of transmission.

Phase One – beginning May 4

Re-opening previously restricted medical services; opening of golf courses, parks and campgrounds.

Service or BusinessOpening Date
Medical ServicesMay 4, 2020
Boat Launches (Provincial Parks)May 4, 2020
Fishing (Southern Zone)May 5, 2020
Fishing (Central Zone)May 14, 2020
Golf CoursesMay 15, 2020
Outdoor Individual RecreationMay 15, 2020
Fishing (Northern Zone)May 25, 2020
Provincial Parks & Campgrounds
(Registration starting May 4, 2020)
June 1, 2020

Medical services covered in Phase 1 include dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, optician services, podiatry, occupational therapy and chiropractic treatment, medical spas for therapeutic services provided by a licensed medical practitioner.

Phase Two – beginning May 19

Retail and personal services workplaces will need to follow guidance that essential businesses are currently following with respect to hand washing, intensive cleaning (particularly high-touch areas) and structuring stores to enable physical distancing. In order to meet these requirements, operators may need to limit the number of customers in the store. Gatherings are to be limited to less than 10 people.

Service or BusinessOpening Date
RetailMay 19, 2020
Shopping MallsMay 19, 2020
Select Personal ServicesMay 19, 2020

Retail included in Phase 2 include:

  • clothing stores
  • shoe stores
  • flower shops
  • sporting good/adventure stores
  • vaping supply shops
  • boats, ATV and snowmobile dealers
  • gift, book and stationery stores
  • jewelry and accessory stores
  • toy stores
  • music, electronic and entertainment stores
  • pawn shops
  • travel agencies
  • marinas
  • u-pick produce

Personal services available in Phase 2 include:

  • hairstylist/barber (may wash, cut, style and chemically alter hair)
  • registered massage therapist
  • acupuncturist
  • acupressurist

Phase Three

Re-opening restaurants and food services, gyms and fitness centres, licensed establishments and child care facilities; re-opening remaining personal care services, Increasing the size of public and private gatherings to 15 people.

The date for Phase 3 is to be determined.

Phase Four

Re-opening indoor and outdoor recreation facilities; increasing the size of public and private gatherings to 30 people.

The date for Phase 4 is to be determined.

Phase Five

Consider lifting long-term restrictions.

The date for Phase 5 is to be determined.

Additional information

The full guide released by the Province of Saskatchewan can be found here.

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