Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada Supports Indigenous Tourism Businesses

The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) has rewritten their business plan for their upcoming fiscal year 2020-21, in response to the considerable negative impacts of COVID-19 on the global tourism industry.  The revised 2020-2021 ITAC Action Plan will ensure investment to Indigenous partner associations and members through stimulus development grants, starting with a revised investment of an estimated $1.175M directly to eligible Indigenous tourism businesses.

The revised 2020-21 Action Plan will focus on three main priorities: 

  • Creating a stimulus investment fund for Indigenous tourism operators
  • Ensuring the stability of the regional Indigenous tourism associations
  • Ensuring the stability of ITAC operations

With these priorities in mind, ITAC has announced the COVID-19 Development Stimulus Fund Application for Indigenous Tourism Businesses.

More information:

Read the complete release from the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (March 24, 2020). 

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