Process and stages for restarting the economy: Manitoba

On April 29, 2020, the Province of Manitoba released a roadmap called Restoring Safe Services, outlining the province’s expectations for the required criteria and measures to restart the economy.

Conditions for re-launch

As more information becomes available and data on the current situation in Manitoba is analyzed, some measures may need to be reintroduced or new restrictions implemented to reduce any further spread of the virus. The timing and order of any actions taken may change throughout the process, based on modelling, testing, public health surveillance and public health advice.

Each phase will require a period of a minimum three to four weeks to observe the results of the previous phase, and to make determinations about acceptable next steps.

Stages for re-launch

Restrictions will be lifted in stages, with consideration given to socioeconomic factors and the risk of transmission. They will be implemented via public health orders and the timing will be dictated by evidence of transmission.

Phase One – beginning May 4

Critical public health measures and travel restrictions remain. Priority elective surgeries have been restarted, diagnostics screening will resume and some non-essential businesses will reopen but must limit occupancy to 50 per cent of normal business levels or one person per 10 square metres, whichever is lower.

Services, businesses and venues include:

  • non-urgent surgery and diagnostic procedures;
  • therapeutic and medical services;
  • retail businesses;
  • restaurants – patio/walk-up services;
  • hair salons;
  • museums, galleries and libraries;
  • seasonal day camps; and
  • outdoor recreation and campgrounds.

Phase Two – no earlier than June 1

Critical public health measures and travel restrictions may remain in place. Public gathering sizes may be increased and more non-essential businesses will be considered for reopening including:

  • additional personal services, such as nail salons;
  • restaurants – dine-in services;
  • non-contact children’s sports; and
  • film production.

Future phases

Public health measures may be eased further. Additional guidelines will be developed, public gathering sizes will be increased and some non-essential business will fully open. Others may begin to reopen, such as bars, pools and spas, movie theatres, and indoor recreational facilities. Travel restrictions may be eased.

Specific considerations for other businesses and sectors may be made including:

  • performing arts venues;
  • other non-essential businesses;
  • tattoo parlours, estheticians, cosmetologists and tanning studios; and
  • large gatherings/events.

Mass gatherings such as concerts, summer festivals and major sporting events will not be considered before September 2020

Additional information

The full guide released by the Province of Manitoba can be found here.

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