Principles and Tactics to Lead Through the Crisis, Not Just Manage It

Created by the team at CommAlert

“Issues don’t need management, they need leadership.”

Leading during a crisis has many similarities to non-crisis circumstances but there are also many different elements and considerations.  When it is business-as-usual, leadership is often keeping control on the straightaways with the occasional turn in the road.

Crisis, however, is characterized by fewer straightaways, more turns and ever-changing road conditions.

Crisis leadership is about leaning into the turns and not avoiding them.

Generally, you are operating in an environment where information is scarce, changing and frankly, inaccurate.  The human emotions are more acute during crisis in that people have heightened stress and anxiety.

With all the challenges that crisis brings it can also be an opportunity to bring the team together in a common goal. The following is general guidance for leaders.  Note that there are no hard and fast rules and so a principles-based approach is best.  

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