Get prepared for Canadian programs by enrolling in online accounts for CRA and Service Canada

Both the Canada Revenue Agency and Service Canada will be administering the newly announced programs via their online portals. In order to streamline access to these programs, the team at Red Seal Financial has suggested signing up your business account as soon as possible, and providing guidance for your employees on signing up for personal access.

Tip: Circulate the individual resources with your team ASAP to get them ahead of the curve for EI or Work Sharing benefits.

For Businesses

Canada Revenue Agency: My Business Account

Employees and representatives can access an account on behalf of their employer or business clients.

Business owners (including partners, directors, and officers) can access their GST/HST, payroll, corporation income taxes, excise taxes, excise duties and other levies accounts online.

To register your business, visit

For Individuals

Canada Revenue Agency

CRA online services enable access to your previous Notice of Assessments (NOA), see the status of your current Tax Return, make changes to your address and banking information, file disputes, authorize your accountant or financial advisor to access your tax information directly, and a number of other useful things. It’s like online banking but for your tax related matters.

Enroll in My Account for Individuals on the CRA website. The team at Red Seal Financial has prepared a step-by-step guide for individuals here.

Service Canada

Your ‘My Service Canada’ account is where you can access information and services from Service Canada, which includes Employment Insurance and your Canada Pension Plan benefits.

The team at Red Seal Financial has prepared a step-by-step guide for individuals here.

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