Running Office 365? Turn on Microsoft Teams for Free

“Teams lets you quickly pull together a team with people inside and outside your organization, chat with others to drive fast and inclusive conversations, securely share and coauthor documents, and iterate on projects. Customize Teams by adding fingertip access to shared notes, webpages, and apps. Use meetings and calling to collaborate in real time from wherever users are. Teams will simplify your access to Office 365 services and third-party apps to be the new center of gravity for your collaboration and communication needs. Encourage your early adopters to install both the desktop and mobile applications for the best experience and most accurate feedback.” [Get Started with Teams from Microsoft]

If you’re already a Microsoft Office 365 (for your e-mail, OneDrive, and SharePoint), you’re already licensed to use it.

If you’re new to Teams, here are some additional resources:

Questions? We’d be happy to answer any of them.

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